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 Brand New Area in Webkinz World -- Webkinz Stadium!

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PostSubject: Brand New Area in Webkinz World -- Webkinz Stadium!   Thu Apr 03, 2008 6:28 pm

Written by Justin, on April 3, 2008

Many of our users who were up late last night noticed that Webkinz World was shut down nearly an hour early for maintenance. When the system allowed them to log back in, a new area had appeared -- the Webkinz Stadium!

This new area appears to be similar to the Tournament Arena, in that you compete with other Webkinz users in certain events. Currently, the "Beauty Pageant" is the only event added to the system at this point, but it looks like Ganz has plans to add quite a few more events in the near future. We'll just have to wait and see what other events will come.

The instructions are quite short, but let us know that you must sign up for an event in advance. Since each event is limited to 1,000 users, sign up as early as you can! The sign-ups open 2 hours before the event starts, so be ready to register your pet early!

Clicking on the Beauty Pageant event shows us that it costs 25 Kinz Cash to enter a competition, and the prizes are some the best we've seen to date in Webkinz World -- a total of $10,000 Kinz Cash and trophies for each event!

Ganz has informed us that the $10,000 Kinz Cash is split between the top 10 of the particular event (with $4,000 Kinz Cash for the top prize). In addition, there will be Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies for each event and event type!

You may also have noticed the "Event Type: open" in the schedule. There appears to be 3 "classes" of events, open, amateur and pro.

Finally, the events appear to be "synced" across the time zones, so the first event, which is at 5pm US Kinz Time is at 10pm Euro Kinz Time (both on April 3rd) and 7am Asian Kinz Time (April 4th). We'll have to wait until then to see pictures and descriptions of the competition itself!


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Brand New Area in Webkinz World -- Webkinz Stadium!
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